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Super Boost Your Warhammer 40K Skills In Just 7 Days 
At This Hidden Hobby Resort in Austin Texas
Super Boost Your Warhammer 40K Skills In Just 7 Days
At This Hidden Hobby Resort in Austin Texas
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What You Can Expect At This Wargaming Retreat?
If you've ever wanted to go to a Wargaming summer camp for adults, then this is the event for you.

7 days of all immersive workshops, custom narrative campaigns, tournament tactics, and the oppotunity to play with miniatures and armies that you've only dreamed off before can all be yours at this incredible fully catered event in Austin Texas.
What’s Included?
  •  Do You Want to Play with Titans, Forge World miniatures, on an Insane Amount of Beautiful Scenery
At the Warhammer Ranch, we have Warhound Titans, Reaver Titans, Exclusive Forgeworld models and armies, like the Death Korps of Kreig

We've got all the latest models for you to test out and play, and use in various battles throughout the week, on beautifully designed and professionally made terrain and tables.
  • Have you ever wanted to take part in a story lead campaign? 
We'll create a custom campaign just for you. Or if tournament style play is more your thing, then we can create multiple tournament based battles based on the missions of your choice from your favourite tournaments.

Either way, you'll have multiple custom games designed for you

The narrative campaign features a weaving storyline with characters that return time and time again, and keep the game fun, intriguing, and keep you desperate to see what happens next!

Do you have what it takes to take on the Nights at the Game Table's Best?
  • Would you like to take part in hobby workshops that will elevate your painting skills, while also saving you hours of time as you learn to speed paint your army to an incredibly high standard?
Do you have tons of unpainted models that you wish could get to the board faster and still look beautiful?

At the Nights at the Game Table Wargaming intensive, you will learn speed painting techniques that actually have your miniatures looking better than if you were painting them traditional style.

The picture above is a before and after of one of the students at the most recent intensive. The miniature on the left represents what he painted before attending which took him an hour and a half.

The miniature on the right is what he did after just a few hours of lessons, and he managed to get it to that standard in less than 40 minutes, and that included instruction.

You will learn how to speed paint your army using the techniques that the professionals use, all in record time!
Here's what one of our recent attendees had to say about the painting classes!
  • Do you want fully catered food including your favourite snacks, drinks, and all cooked by a gourmet food kitchen in Austin Texas
All of our meals are provided by Snap Kitchen in Austin Texas

We will select meals from the menu for 3 meals a day, based on the dietary requirements you provide, and are willing to work with you to custom design the meal with Snap Kitchen.

These meals are made with organic ingredients, backed by nutritionists, and they taste incredible as well.

On top of this, we will pack the ranch kitchen with a selection of your favourite snacks and drinks to enjoy during your experience.

And you'll have one night of enjoying a chocolate fruit extravaganza with the Nights at the Game Table family and crew.
  • Would you like to experience life at the dedicated Warhammer 40k ranch, just outside of Austin Texas, with beautiful scenic views of fields and forests outside your window.
The ranch is located 35 minutes from Austin-Bergstrom Airport. 

It's secluded and relaxing, and with city life over half an hour away, you actually get peaceful sleep every night and don't have any of the hustle and bustle of the regular world to take you away from you Warhammer experience.
  • Do you want to gain access to professional level tournament tactics and list building discussions with some of the worlds leading Warhammer 40k players
With the team from Nights at the Game Table PRO available throughout the entire week

You'll can be sure you're learning the best and most current tournament tactics to elevate your gameplay to that of Pro level, and can even walk away with a tournament winning list that the Nights at the Game Table Pro team can help you create.

And of Course, Become Immortalised In An Episode Of The Nights at the Game Table TV Show!
You'll get the opportunity to appear in one of the episodes of our show. You'll get to play against one of the members of the team, and be forever immortalised on the YouTube channel with your own army.

You will get to see behind the scenes of how an episode is filmed, and get to play with either your army, or one of the ones you've seen on the channel, and you'll get to meet all of the Nights at the Game Table team!

From Adam Lyons the host of the show, through to Brooke the Dark Empress, and of course Eve Queen of the Necrons!
In Summary, You Get...
  • 7 Days Accomodation at this Dedicated Warhammer 40k Ranch
  •  Custom Gourmet Meals Provided Every Single Day
  • Access to play with Armies and Miniatures that you've never used before
  •  The opportunity to play on display level Wargaming Tables
  •  You'll get to appear in an episode of Nights at the Game Table
  • You'll take part in a Custom Narrative Campaign
  •  You'll get to play tournament level games with Professional Players
  • You'll get to have your army list tweaked and critiqued by some of the best players in the game
  • You'll learn speed painting techniques that will have your army looking better and on the table faster table than ever before
  •  And did we mention the chocolate fondue?
The Next event is Dec 10th-16th 2018

We Only Have Limited Spots Due To The Physical Amount Of Space Within The Property

So click the link and reserve your spot now!
A message from adam lyons
When i first started playing Warhammer, this is the event that I always wished existed. An opportunity to focus on the game that I loved, guilt free for a full week

I had seen the summer camps that most kids would go to which cost $5,000 or more, where people would go climbing and swimming, and playing all sorts of outdoor activities, and as a child, none of that appealed to me.

I always wished that there was something like that for Warhammer 40k.

Now that I'm older and have kids of my own, I realised that the only way to get an event like this was to run one myself, and thanks to Nights at the Game Table, and all of the armies, miniatures, tables, and resources we have available, we're doing exactly that... for you.

Not only can we provide this service, we can do this for significiantly less than many of these other summer camps would cost. While we created this for adults, we run a family friendly environment, and of course kids are welcome, after all I've got 4 of my own who all love Warhammer!

When I first mentioned this idea, it was just a dream of mine and I wasn't sure anyone else would be interested in it, and when we first announced it, we were shocked at how fast the initial spots were taken up

And in fact, we sold out our first event without creating a website, or running any marketing to it.

Now we've made a commitment to run these events at least twice a year. Once in the summer, and once in the winter, and we would love for you to consider taking part.

Many of our current attendees secure their spot a year in advance, and intend to come back time and time again, and we would love you to become part of our Nights at the Game Table week-long intensive community.

I would love nothing more than to sit down with you, and spend a week discussing and playing the hobby that we both love. If you've taken the time to read this page, and you're considering it, I know you won't be dissapointed with the incredible event we've lovingly put together for you. Please sign up below, and if you've got any questions or hesitations, feel free to  reach out to our team at the email listed at the bottom of this page.
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