Get Nights Pro Coaching with the Top 40k Players in the World!
List Doctor - $47
**includes telephone consultation**
Work with your choice of a new or existing list!

 - 25 minute consulting telephone or Skype call
 - Unit choice breakdown
 - Key strategies and synergies explained
 - How to handle specific matchups
 - Tournament preparation OR take down your local nemesis!

This is personalized premium advice tailored to YOU, so we can work on anything from basic, simple and effective strategies, or advanced, niche tournament tactics depending on where you are right now. From beginners, to GT and ETC players, this is adaptable enough for anyone!
Nights Pro - $97 Monthly
**includes weekly video conference**
Join our private group for improving Competitive 40k players!

- A consultation call to set your own personal 40k goals and create a personalized coaching program
- 1 free personalized army list from The Nights Pro Team
- Constant list tweaks and updates based on meta changes
- 1 - 25 minute group coaching call per week to go over games, track progress, and give personalized help.
- Access to a private group forum for competitive, like-minded individuals who want to get better
- 5 online, weekly 40k classes taught by Professional 40k Players
- Live streamed games with commentary from the Nights Pro Team
- Weekly meta analysis based on real time tournament results and new release