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By becoming part of Nights at the Game Table Pro, you’ll gain exclusive access to Nick Nanavati, the World's #1 Warhammer 40k player, and the entire Nights at the Game Table team.

This means that you’ll have our team of expert players and coaches in Warhammer 40K that you’ll have access to immediately for feedback on your army list, understanding rules question, and more, whenever you need it.
  •  How Good Would You be If You Had the World's #1 Warhammer 40k Champion Giving You His Insider Secrets Every Single Week?
Nick Nanavati is undesputably the worlds best Warhammer 40k player, with the following being just a selection of the tournaments and championships he's won (4 Times Adepticon Champion, LVO Champion, ITC Champion, Nova Champion)

With Nick in your corner coaching you, you'll know the intracacies of the rules and FAQs about your army, you'll get feedback on any questions about rulings that you don't understand

And ultimately, you'll have one of the worlds best players in your corner helping you improve.
  •  Would you like to have the World's 40k champion help you design your army list? So you don't waste money on miniatures that are ineffective with the list you choose to play.
Creating a winning army list is the key to having a balanced, effective and functional army that can carry you to victory on the tabletop.

Or even a list with some cool and quirky combos that are fun to play!

As a Nights at the Game Table Pro member, you will have access to unlimited list designs, being able to create, shape, and reshape lists

Or even just design a list for a new army that's just got released. Either way, having the professional Nights at the Game Table team design your lists, will ensure that they are effective and fun to play, as well as being highly competitive.
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  •   Would you like to join this elite Nights at the Game Table Facebook Group featuring world-class tournament players? So you can network and stay up to date with the very best!
This exclusive Facebook group is only for Nights at the Game Table Pro members, which means that the community is small and elite.

It's no secret that the world's best players all hang out in private groups and share the best information from underground tournament tactics, through to the hottest lists that no-one has ever heard of

These professional players are sharing this information amogst themselves to ensure that they continue to win tournament after tournament

And now, you can gain access to this group yourself, and be able to run shoulders with the best players in the world, and learn from them.

  •  Would you like to take part in Weekly Warhammer 40k clinics, focused on your army as well as other competitive armies to find out what's working in tournaments, what top players are using, and why?
Every week, Nick runs a sequence of clinics. Each one focused on a different army that breaks down the best tactics and strategies for that particular army as well as any new tactics that may have appeared due to recent FAQs, or new rules being released.

Either way, whether you're looking for an in depth breakdown of your army, or you want to see what somebody else is up to, these clinics are the best way to stay ahead of the game.

And you can gain access to these every single week!
  •  Would you like a breakdown of every tournament as it happens to stay on top of all the evolving tactics and strategies?
Every Monday, Nick will give a breakdown of the news from the tournament scene from the weekend before, as well as discussing how Game Workshop's new releases factor in to the tournament field

Whether it's a new rule, or a new FAQ, or a suprising winner from a mojor tournament

Every Monday morning, you'll be informed and ready to adapt to your local scene
  •  Would you like to watch a tournament Champion live stream games every week?
Every week, Nick will live stream his games against other professional players for you to watch, and will give a breakdown of all the moves he's making and why to help your game evolve.

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If you are not satisfied with the Nights at the Game Table exclusive experience, content, and community over the next 30 days, and we cannot resolve your satisfaction, you will receive your money back. This way you can try the community and see if it’s for you.
Here's What You Get!
  • Personalized coaching with Nick Nanavati
  • Unlimited list help and critique
  • Weekly private calls with Nick Nanavati
  • Access to models at a huge discount
  • Access to private online discussion forum
  • Access to weekly meta analysis by Nick Nanavati
  • Access to 4 weekly faction clinics by Nick Nanavati
  • Access to private weekly live streamed games
  • Back log of all previous games, clinics and meta analyses
  • Monthly featured meta lists you will see at tournaments
This is done with EXCLUSIVE access to Weekly Clinics with Nick Nanavati and the rest of the team, WEEKLY!
LIVE, Intimate, and loaded with value.

PLUS, you get access to the recordings of these calls for life.

This means that if you miss a call, want to re-review a call and its feedback, and more, you can access the recording of these invaluable Weekly Clinics, EXCLUSIVE to Nights at the Game Table Pro members.

Nobody out there will be a better player with this exclusive access.
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My name is Adam Lyons and I started Nights at the Game Table
I wanted to give my son what my father gave to me when he got me into the hobby.

I still remember sitting around painting with my dad back when I was 8, and how it was some of the best days of my childhood.  Then when my son started getting closer to 8, I knew that I wanted to give him the same experience that I had. 

However, this was difficult. Nowadays with things like Youtube and video games, board games like Warhammer 40K struggle to compete for their attention.

That’s when I first had the idea to create a Youtube channel dedicated to showing how much fun someone can have in the hobby.

We wanted to create a channel that shows just how fun the game is, many of the other battle reports were hours long, and my son just didn’t have the attention span to watch them.

Initially, I didn’t expect anyone else to enjoy the edited battle reports, but over time we were swamped with comments from viewers who said they enjoyed the content we created, so we kept on doing it, and now it’s evolved into a thriving, passionate community driven by your feedback. 

So thank you.

I’m dedicated to providing the best Warhammer 40K community experience I can, to make our content easily digestible, and to give you the best tips and tactics in the easiest way to learn, and make Warhammer a more fun and immersive experience.

With our private, exclusive members retreat, we really hope to give you all of that and so much more.

This is why I’m so dedicated to this community and bringing you everything you want out of the Warhammer 40K hobby.
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